Botany Bay and Foreshore Beach Catchment

The Botany Bay and Foreshore catchment area is approximately 3.5 km2.

Botany Bay and Foreshore Beach Catchmen

The catchment area is approximately 3.5 km2.  The eastern side of the catchment drains to Sir Joseph Banks Park and the western side drains to Mill Stream in the west, before discharging to Botany Bay. The topography of the catchment is flat, with the exception of a low lying ridge on the eastern boundary. The catchment comprises of high density residential, commercial and industrial development.

BMTWBM completed the draft Botany Bay Foreshore Beach flood study for this catchment in 2015. Bayside Council has engaged Jacobs Pty Ltd to undertake a Flood Risk Management Study. This study is supported by the NSW and Commonwealth Government with funding under the Natural Disaster Resilience Programme. This study will be completed in 2019.

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