Your Council

We strive to provide leadership in the community, assisting our communities to identify, articulate and achieve community and social goals. In this section you will find information about your Councillors and the activities of Council. If you want to do business with us the information you need is here as well.

Our Mission

We embrace the concept of community capacity building: that is, facilitating the ability of community members, governments and businesses, to take the steps to find solutions to issues in their own communities.

We face many challenges in forthcoming years that will be proactively addressed by maintaining financial discipline, building on our public and private partnerships, and collaborating to provide best value services to the community.

Our Strategic Plan sets out how we will continue to do our share towards making Bayside a highly attractive place to live, work and invest.

Leading through COVID-19 - Our Journey

Our Management Team put together some thoughts on our response and recovery, during these challenging times.

Community Showcase

We are proud of the way our community has flourished working in partnership with us to create a place where people feel connected. As part of our journey, we asked members of our community to tell us what it is like to live, work and play here in Bayside. The outcome is this video, launched by Mayor Joe Awada at the Council Meeting of 11 March 2020. It is a testament to the vision of Bayside and our commitment to serving our community.

Your Council