Planning Our City

We are planning a city where it is easy to move around, where buildings, spaces and natural places are attractive and support community life and individual activities.

Bayside Local Strategic Planning Statement 2020

The Bayside Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) 2020 provides a strategic land use vision for Bayside and aligns local planning and services delivery with the Regional and District Plans.

Buildings and Open Space

We are preparing Strategies and Plans to guide the location, scale and character of buildings and open space in our city. We want to create and enhance places so that they get enough sunlight, are easy to get to and where streetscapes and parks are pleasant places to walk and play. Key documents used to guide development are the Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans, Masterplans and Parks Plans of Management.

Traffic and Transport

Bayside is a busy place with Sydney Airport and Sydney Port generating large numbers of vehicle movements. We also have a rapidly increasing resident population and many people coming to Bayside to work each day. Traffic and transport are key issues for Council and we will be working with other levels of government and other stakeholders to improve opportunities for walking and cycling, as well as access to public transport and a connected road network.

Planning our city