Development Contributions

Development Contributions

What are they?

Development contributions address the needs of the growing population in the Bayside area. Councils in NSW have the ability to levy developers for contributions towards local infrastructure under the Environmental and Planning Assessment Act (EP&A). The Contributions Plans spell out how Council will assess, collect, spend and administer the developer contributions.

The funding of local infrastructure is assisted in part by developer contributions known as section 7.11 (formerly section 94) or section 7.12 (formerly section 94A) contributions.

Council’s development contributions plans describe anticipated development, infrastructure needed by the development and the contribution to be paid by a development towards the infrastructure costs.

Some developments may require a financial contribution towards the cost of new and upgraded amenities such as open space, community facilities and transport needed by the people who will live and work in the development.

Development contribution plans (and Voluntary Planning Agreements) are ways in which Council can require new developments to contribute towards the new or increased facilities and services to meet the needs of the growing population.

The Bayside Council population in 2016 was 169,900 and is forecast to grow to 228,200 by 2036. This represents an increase of 40% or 65,300 additional people in the next 20 years.

Such a population will place additional demands on existing facilities and services and will also mean that new or increased facilities and services will need to be provided for the use of residents, workers and visitors.

What's being done?

Bayside Council has a number of contributions plans which apply to various parts of the City. The main purpose of these plans is to levy appropriate contributions from developments towards the provision of the following facilities and services:

  • Open space facilities
  • Community services and facilities
  • Public car parking within certain town centre
  • Town centre and streetscape improvements
  • Pollution control facilities
  • Road and traffic management facilities
  • Pedestrian and cyclist facilities
  • Flood mitigation and stormwater management facilities
  • The costs of managing and administering the contributions plan

There are two types of contribution plans, namely:

  • Section 7.11 Plans (formerly section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act). These contributions are typically levied on new residential and employment generating developments, including;
    • New dwellings (where the new dwelling does not propose to replace the existing dwelling)
    • Secondary dwellings/granny flats
    • Residential flat buildings
    • Subdivision
  • Section 7.12 Plans (formerly section 94A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act). Applicable where the construction cost is more than $100,000 and where section 94 contributions are not required. Section 7.12 contributions are a fixed levy applied based on a percentage of the cost of the development.These contributions are typically applied to alterations and additions, including;
    • Garages and sheds
    • Demolition of an existing house and construction of a new house

Development contribution rates for financial year 2019/20

Contribution rates vary according to the location of the development and the nature of the works proposed. The different contribution precincts are mapped in the contribution plans listed below.

Contribution rates are adjusted each year using a process as described in the different contribution plans, using Australian Bureau of Statistics indexes and land valuations.

The table below lists the most common rates that will apply in the 2019/20 financial year.


Development Contributions Precinct Map

Which ones currently apply?

There are currently six development contributions plans which apply in the Bayside area. The Plans are from the former Botany and Rockdale Council areas and are made up of four s7.11 (s94) Plans and two s7.12 (s94a) Plans.

During September 2019, Council will be reviewing the Rockdale 2016 – Urban Renewal Area contributions plan.
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