Off leash areas

We have a number of parks where you can let your dog off-leash.

When using these facilities you need to make sure your dog is safely under your control.

Off leash areas

Illustrated map showing all the dog parks at bayside

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There are 13 parks and 1 beach where dogs can exercise without a leash.

  • Astrolabe Park, Daceyville

  • Fenced portion of Bona Park, 46 Sandringham Street, Sans Souci

  • Cahill Park, Levey Street and Rockwell Avenue, Wolli Creek

  • Civic Avenue Reserve (Scarborough Park), Kogarah

  • Firmstone Reserve, Pagewood

  • Frys Reserve, 1 Warialda Street, Kogarah and

  • Gaiarine Gardens, Pagewood

  • Hayden Place in Sir Joseph Banks Park

  • High Street Reserve, Mascot

  • Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve, 15 Kingsgrove Avenue, Kingsgrove

  • Mutch Park, Pagewood

  • Shepard Reserve, Bardwell Valley

  • Sparks Reserve, Mascot

  • Lady Robinsons Beach Off-leash Dog Area
    - a 24/7 off-leash beach area has been established at Lady Robinsons Beach, Kyeemagh between gates 60 and 61

Off leash rules

  • dogs must be kept under control and supervised at all times, in sight of their owner/handler

  • you must be physically able to control or restrain the dog if required by chain, cord or leash

  • your dog should not harass people or other animals. Even when dogs are in off-leash areas, they must still be under effective voice control

  • if any dog shows signs of aggression or antisocial behaviour the dog’s handler must leash and remove their dog immediately

  • you must clean up after your dog at all times

  • you must keep your dog on a leash when entering or exiting the designated off leash area

Please check the signs at each site for specific times and other regulations.

Dogs are prohibited in the following places, whether they are leashed or not:

  • within 10 metres of playgrounds and play equipment

  • within 10 metres of food outlets, except if the place is in a public thoroughfare (such as a road, footpath or pathway)

  • in bathing areas such as tidal pools, beaches and foreshores

  • within schools

  • within child care centres

  • within shopping arcades or shopping complexes, including parking areas or access to shops

  • within any area set apart for the protection of wildlife.

More information

Special rules for pet greyhounds

Greyhounds don't have to wear a muzzle in public if they are registered on the NSW Pet Registry, unless they are in an off-leash area and have not undergone an approved retraining program.

A greyhound that has undergone an approved retraining program will wear a green collar, or the person in charge of the dog can carry a 'proof of completion' card.

Off leash etiquette

Establish good behaviours first; untrained dogs are best kept on a leash

Ensure your dog has undergone adequate socialisation and trialling before being taken off-leash

Start with a long lead to test the waters first

Know what to do If your dog makes a break for It

Know your responsibilities as an owner, morally and legally

Know your dog's temperament; if they are not the right fit for off-leash dog walking, then make the right decision for you, your dog and the community

Supervision is key; you wouldn’t take your eyes off your child near water - the same rules apply to your furbaby

Update ID tags and microchip information beforehand

Learn how to safely break up a dog fight

Have a Plan B; always be ready and equipped to put your dog back on a leash at any point

Don’t risk it; If you are uncertain if your dog is the right fit for off-leash dog walking, then it's better not to risk it and keep everyone's furkid safe

History can repeat itself; if issues have happened in the past, then perhaps it's time to make the call and keep your pooch on its leash and muzzle. Off-leash dog walking is not for “every man and their dog”

When walking at night, take reflective devices like a reflective jacket for you and your dog, or an illuminated collar with a bell and a torch or other handheld light. Remain alert during night walks and avoid distractions like excessively loud music or phones.