Animal structures

Dog kennels, cat runs, chicken coops, bird aviaries and other animal enclosures.

Cat and dog enclosures

Most cat or dog enclosures don't need our approval.

You can build a small shelter for a dog or cat without our approval if it is:

  • does not have a floor area of more than 10m2

  • is no higher than 1.8m above ground level (existing)

  • is located behind the building line of any road frontage

  • is located at least 450mm from each side and rear boundary

  • is located on bush fire prone land and is less than 5m from a dwelling—be constructed of non-combustible material

  • is constructed or installed on or in a heritage item or a draft heritage item, or in a heritage conservation area or a draft heritage conservation area—be located in the rear yard.

  • (where you have a roof) is constructed or installed so that roofwater is disposed of into an existing stormwater drainage system

  • is constructed of low reflective, factory pre-coloured materials and has an impervious floor (to the extent it is comprised of metal components).

If your enclosure does not comply with these standards you may need to apply for development consent.

For more information, refer to our keeping of animals policy.

Other animals

Please read our keeping of animals policy which details the regulations that apply to animals, including:

  • the maximum number of animals you can keep on your property

  • minimum distances from property boundaries

  • advice

  • regulations.