Parking Fines

Rangers and Parking Officers are trained to assist members of the public with their requests for information and advice. However, they cannot withdraw a notice once it has been issued or commenced. Once a notice has been issued, there is an appeals procedure which is indicated on the reverse of the penalty notice.

How does Council issue fines?

The NSW State Government agency, Revenue NSW is now responsible for issuing the paper infringement notice to violating vehicle owners. This means that there is no longer a physical paper ‘ticket’ left on vehicles.

Council has moved to this arrangement to improve our customer’s experience. Below is a summary of the benefits our community can expect;

  1. Consistency for customers who will receive all information on a standardised Revenue NSW Penalty Notice, allowing more informed decision making and clearer instructions
  2. Through standardised notices, customers are clearly directed to accurate online resources provided by Revenue NSW
  3. Reduction in environmental impact through the reduced risk of the ticket becoming litter
  4. Reduced risk in the ‘ticket’ been damaged due to weather conditions, or taken from the vehicle from members of the public
  5. Increased officer safety through removing the requirement for the physical placement of a notice on vehicle. This reduces the risk of a confrontation with a customer, leading to a safer environment for Council staff

Who should I contact about my fine?

Councils do not set or amend parking fine penalties. Parking fines, their range and value, are set by legislation administered by Transport for NSW and NSW Treasury.

If you have received a fine, you can pay your fine online or view your options at the website of Revenue NSW. To contest a fine, contact Revenue NSW and include a clear copy of the fine (marked 'penalty infringement notice' at the top).