Unhealthy land

Unhealthy land includes overgrown vegetation, the presence of vermin, hoarding of accumulated materials, and unhealthy swimming pools.

Characteristics of unhealthy land

We consider land that is not safe or not sanitary to be unhealthy land.

This is land that poses a health risk to the community.

A property that is untidy is not necessary unhealthy or unsafe. We will only take action if a property is in a condition that is unhealthy or unsafe.

Examples include:

  • overgrown properties: these can harbour vermin, create a neighbourhood nuisance, or be a fire hazard

  • hoarding of accumulated materials: these can enter our stormwater drains and pollute the environment, as well as harbour vermin, create a neighbourhood nuisance, or be a fire hazard

  • swimming pools that are not regularly filtered and chlorinated: these can spread odours and encourage mosquitos.

Report unhealthy land

Report online

You can raise an issue by phone: 1300 581 299.

Please supply as much detail as possible, including photos if you have them. This helps us to investigate your issue quickly and thoroughly.

How we investigate

We encourage you to resolve the issue by talking to your neighbour first. Often people are unaware that their activity or lack of maintenance is causing a problem.

We investigate every complaint we receive. This sometimes involves conducting an inspection of the premises where the complaint is alleged to have occured.

If we find property to be unsafe or unhealthy, we will contact the property owner to discuss the matter and request that they rectify the situation.

We may also issue an order under the Local Government Act 1993. This order will require work to be carried out to make the land safe and healthy.

Penalties may apply if the order is not followed.