Lodging your application

We accept applications online through the NSW Planning Portal. You may lodge in person until 31 December 2020.

Before you submit your application

Please ensure you prepare your plans and complete your forms before you start your application:

We may reject your application if it doesn't contain all of the required information.

Contact us if you are unsure which forms you need to complete.


Your application, including your plans and forms, must be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal.

NSW Planning Portal

You will need to create a NSW Planning Portal account, or MyServiceNSW account.

Note, you may wish to apply for a construction certificate at the same time. This can save you time later.

In person

You can submit your application at our customer service centre.

Please allow up to an hour to submit your application in person. We will check all of your documents to make sure it is a complete application.

Your application, including all attachments, must:

  • be in an electronic format
  • submitted on a USB flash drive or CD
  • follow file naming conventions outlined in our electronic lodgement guide.

Please note, we will not accept in-person applications after 31 December 2020.


You must pay your application fee to complete your application.The development application fee is based on the estimated cost of works.

    Contact us for more information and a quote. To give you a quote we will ask you for:

    • the address of the property
    • a brief description of works proposed
    • the estimated cost of work (including GST)
    • the number of street frontages
    • details of any trees on the site / within 5 metres of the property.

    You may also be required to pay a:

    • tree inspection fee
    • neighbour notification fee
    • newspaper advertising fee
    • subdivision fee
    • footpath inspection fee.

    An additional fee will be required if:

    • the development is integrated or designated development
    • you amend your plans afer lodgement.

    After we make a decision on your development application, there may be other fees that apply:

    • Long service levy: This is a levy on building and construction work that cost $25,000 and above (including GST). The levy is paid by the owners of a building or construction project into a fund administered by the Building and Construction Industry Long Service Payments Corporation.
    • Footpath crossing deposit: You must pay a deposit if your development cost is over $25,000. Once you have finished construction, we will inspect the footpaths. If there is no damage, we will refund the deposit in full.
    • Development contributions: This is a payment towards the capital cost of providing essential community facilities such as open space and car parking.

    For more information, see our Fees & Charges Schedule.

    How to pay

    If submitting your application online, you will be issued a fee notification for payment. You can pay online once you receive your notice.

    If submitting your application in person, you will be asked to pay your fee on the spot.

    If submitting by mail, you must provide a cheque for the application fee.

    Need to contact us?

    Call 1300 581 299 (weekdays 8:30am-4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm) or email council@bayside.nsw.gov.au