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If you are a resident in an area with time restricted parking, you may be eligible for a permit that will legally enable you to exceed the time limit. We offer Residential Parking Schemes in designated areas.  We are working towards providing an online application form, however currently a paper application form still needs to be completed.

Residential parking permits

Residential parking permits are issued to eligible residents that live within a property located in a designated residential parking scheme (RPS). Visitor permits can be used by people who are visiting the property.  An application form needs to be completed and payment can be made at our Eastgardens or Rockdale customer service centres.

Permits exclude eligible residents and visitors, from parking time limits in designated parking spaces where the signage includes the words 'permit holders excepted'.   A parking permit does not exempt the vehicle from general road rules and signs such as ‘no parking’ and it does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.

Residential Parking Permits are issued annually and expire on August 31 each year.  If you require an annual permit after 1 January, you will be charged 50% of the permit fee.  A Visitor Parking Permit is valid for 24 hours.

You do not require a residential parking permit if you hold a current NSW Mobility Parking Scheme Permit or an Australian Disability Parking Permit.

If you would like to confirm any of the following please click here

•    If you live in a residential parking area OR
•    What residential parking scheme zone are you a part of OR
•    What streets are a part of your residential parking scheme zone and allowed to park in with exemptions from timed parking restrictions using your permit 

You’ll need to accept the online maps terms and conditions and then select the parking scheme filter on the left hand side.


To be eligible for a parking permit you must:

  • Live in a property within a designated residential parking scheme, and have one or fewer off street parking spaces.
  • Have a current vehicle registration certificate, or a letter on company letterhead from your employer advising that you have use of the vehicle, and the address at which it will normally be parked. 
  • Own a vehicle that is not a caravan, truck, bus or tractor.  It must also weight less than 4.5 tonnes, and if it is a boat it must be shorter than 7.5m.

You are ineligible for a residential parking permit if you live in a:

  • Property that is not located within a designated residential parking scheme
  • Commercial property or a hotel.
  • Residential flat building, dual occupancy or other development that was constructed after January 2013 in Botany or Mascot.
  • Boarding house that obtained Development Application Approval after 1 June 2016.
  • Residential flat buildings, dual occupancies and dwelling house developments in Arncliffe, Dolls Point, Kogarah West, Rockdale, Wolli Creek areas that were constructed before September 2016.

Off street parking

If there is off-street parking on the property then it must be used.

Off-street parking is deemed to be available when it can accommodate a medium-sized passenger vehicle. In determining whether an on-site parking space exists, the Council may review: 

  • Vehicle accessibility.
  • The existence of a driveway.
  • The presence of a carport, garage structure, garage door or roller door.
  • Evidence of the space being used for parking.
  • Any approved or registered plans.

Residents are required to disclose on the application form how many on-site parking spaces they have.

NSW Roads and Maritime Service Guidelines

Parking spaces on property



Maximum 2 permits issued


1 permit issued– if you own more than one vehicle
0 permit issued – if you own one vehicle

2 or more

0 permit issued

It is acknowledged that there may be exceptional circumstances where an additional permit may be warranted. However, if the number of permits to be issued exceeds three, approval is required from Roads and Maritime Services.

A maximum of one permit per bedroom may be issued for a resident residing in an eligible boarding house, that does not have onsite parking.

Temporary parking permits

Daily temporary parking permits can be issued to visitors e.g tradespeople and carers, attending the property.  A permit is valid for 24hrs. Permits can be purchased by the resident, in packs of 10 with a maximum of 3 packets issued per annum.  Our friendly customer service staff can help you at our Eastgardens or Rockdale customer service centres.

Fees and charges

Fees and Charges 2019/2020 

Residents/ Occupants with valid Pensioner/Concession Card Holders Issued by Centre Link or Gold Card Holders issued by Veteran Affairs

First vehicle:  $0.00

Second vehicle:  $69.50

Visitor permit 10 pack $16.50

Standard Residential / Occupant Permit

First vehicle:  $28.00

Second vehicle:  $69.50

Visitor permit 10 pack $33.00

Reprint of permit e.g. damage or vehicle change.


Application process

To purchase a new parking permit or to renew an existing permit, please complete a parking permit application form and take it to your nearest customer service centre at Eastgardens or Rockdale for processing.

You will need to take the following original documents with you:

Evidence that you own the vehicle or are the main driver.
E.g. current vehicle registration certificate, or a letter on company letterhead from your employer advising that you have use of the vehicle and the address at which it will normally be parked.

Evidence that you live at your current address.
E.g. Lease agreement, pensioner card or driver licence.

If your application is complete the customer service team will issue you a permit immediately.  The permit needs to be permanently fixed to the passenger side window. A clear registration holder should be used on a motorbike.

Application form

Apply for a Parking Permit
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