Our beaches are a wonderful natural resource that we can all enjoy.

As a delicate natural environment, we all have a responsibility to keep it clean and safe.

Smoke free beaches

Lady Robinson beach is a smoke free zone, except four designated areas where you may bring a coal fired BBQ:


maps showing designated coal bbq areas on the grassed areas at Kyeemagh (between Beehag St and Tancred Ave), Monterey (between Robinson and Solander st), Ramsgate (near the jetty) and Dolls Point (Depena Reserve)


If you are bringing hot coals to the beach please use the coal bins provided.

Do not:

  • leave hot coals on the ground

  • dump hot coals in the garden

  • dump hot coals under the public taps

Off leash dog area

You can exercise your dog without a lead in the designated off-leash area at Lady Robinson's beach, Kyeemagh.

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