Certificates for your property

Apply for a certificate to find out what you can use your land for.

Apply for a certificate to find out if you have any outstanding rates, fees or charges relating to your land.

Apply for a building or construction certificate after you have received development approval.

10.7 certificate

A section 10.7 certificate explains what you can use your land for.

It includes information on:

  • zoning
  • state, regional and local planning controls
  • property issues such as contamination or road widening.

735a certificate

A section 735a certificate usually required when you purchase or sell your property. 

It lists any outstanding notices and orders that we have issued on your property. These notices and orders could include:

  • unauthorised building works
  • demolition orders
  • keeping animals
  • enforcing the conditions in a development consent
  • orders to improve stormwater or sewage facilities.

This certificate will include any notices and orders we have issued under the Local Government Act (1993) and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979).

s603 certificate

A section 603 certificate is usually required when you purchase or sell your property. 

It outlines any fees charges or outstanding rates on your property.

Building information certificates

A building information certificate confirms that we won't take regulatory action on your building for 7 years. This certificate also protects you against any proceedings relating to encroachment by your building onto Council land.

Regulatory action includes issuing an order for your building to be:

  • demolished
  • altered
  • added to
  • rebuilt. 

A building information certificate does not stop us from taking action to:

  • improve your building's fire safety
  • require you to seek development consent
  • enforce the conditions of a development consent.

You can apply for a building information certificate if you are:

  • owner of the property
  • somebody acting with consent of the owner
  • a purchaser who has signed a contract of sale.

Building information certificates are issued under Section 6.7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979.

To use our certification service, submit your application form and any attachments through the NSW Planning Portal.

NSW Planning Portal

You will need to create a NSW Planning Portal account, or MyServiceNSW account.

Fees are calculated based on the value of construction. Contact us for an estimate of the fee.

Fire Safety Statements

If your building has a Fire Safety Schedule, you must arrange for qualified personnel to provide a Fire Safety Statement every year.

A Fire Safety Statement is a declaration that all fire safety measures on your property have been maintained to the appropriate standards.

More information:

Swimming pool certificates

If you have a swimming pool, you must have it inspected every 3 years.

We conduct inspections and issue certificates of compliance. If you have a swimming pool, you cannot sell or lease your property without a certificate of compliance.

More information:

Flood Advice Certificates

Council provides flood advice certificates under The Local Government Act 1993. We provide flood advice which is based on the amounts and designs of residential buildings, the flood overflow of the area, and the Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) which is the likelihood of a flood event occurring in a year.

More information:

Apply for a Flood Advice Certificate

Online maps

Online maps

Our online mapping tool has information about your property, including:

  • zoning
  • location of acid sulphate soil zones
  • easements
  • heritage areas.