Safe beaches

Bayside Council Rangers

Bayside Council Rangers are committed to enhancing and promoting public safety and conduct regular patrols along the foreshore over the summer, ensuring equal access for everyone visiting the foreshore and our local businesses.

Our Rangers serve as ambassadors for safety education throughout Bayside, however they are not surf life savers.

Our beaches are not patrolled by NSW Surf Lifesaving, so be beach safe by always checking water and beach conditions.

You can contact our Rangers by emailing or calling 1300 581 299. 

NSW Police, Water Police, and Maritime Transport For NSW

At Bayside, our commitment to community safety is paramount, and this is especially vital during the summer months when visitor numbers surge along our beaches and foreshore.

We work closely with local Police to achieve the best outcomes.

This summer, Bayside Council, in coordination with NSW Police, including the Water Police, has devised a comprehensive plan to promote a positive and secure summer experience. We will convene regular meetings to assess, review, and adapt our plan as the summer season unfolds.

Jet Skis

Personal Watercraft (PWC) enthusiasts flock to Botany Bay and the Georges River over summer. We are committed to improving safety, particularly along our beaches and waterways.

We have no regulatory power to enforce Jet Ski compliance. Jet Ski compliance is under the jurisdiction of Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and NSW Police - Marine Area Command.  

We encourage the community to report any incidents or concerns about Jet Ski activity on the Bay to TfNSW on 13 12 36, or go to our Jet Ski Hot Spot page.

Our Community Safety Officer works closely with TfNSW Boating Education Officers to engage with Jet Ski enthusiasts, providing information on responsible and safe watercraft operation. 

TfNSW play a pivotal role in raising awareness of waterway rules, regulations, and safety guidelines, ensuring that PWC enthusiasts are well-informed and responsible in their water activities.

It's important for beach goers and Jet Ski owners to familiarise themselves with the safety guidelines and restrictions, as well as where the “Restricted Zones" are in Botany Bay.

These guidelines are detailed in the Personal Watercraft Handbook and TfNSW Boating Maps guide, more information can also be found on:

See something? Say Something, Report it.

If you see anti-social jet ski behaviour report it to Maritime NSW on 13 12 36, or go to our Jet Ski Hot Spot page

In an emergency call 000.

Swimming enclosures

There’s nothing quite like a saltwater swim, so grab your togs, hats, sunscreen and towel and head to one of our traditional swimming enclosures.

We have five swimming enclosures along the foreshore, offering a safer environment for swimming, recreation, and play.

No lifeguards are on duty along the foreshore. Check beach conditions before your visit.  


Our investment in CCTV cameras plays a crucial role in our efforts to combat anti-social behaviour which is a central focus of our Summer Foreshore Program.

We are expanding our smart CCTV network across the Brighton-Le-Sands precinct and along The Grand Parade foreshore to discourage reckless driving practices, hooning, and other anti-social behaviours.

These advanced cameras capture video and photographs, providing valuable evidence that can assist NSW Police conduct investigations, and pursue prosecutions for any incidents in the area. 

The cameras operate on 100% renewable solar and wind energy sources, meeting our commitment to environmental sustainability.  

Traffic management

We are once again changing traffic conditions on Bay Street, west of The Grand Parade, Brighton-Le-Sands by activating a barrier that won't allow vehicles to make a right turn.

The change means there will be no right turn into The Grand Parade from Bay Street between 8pm and 5am on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

The barrier helps increase safety for pedestrians and drivers, and ensure better traffic flow and driving conditions.

Our Parking Officers regularly patrol the foreshore, so avoid a parking fine by taking note of signs. Do not park on the grass verges, and be a good neighbour by not blocking driveways.

image showing police and council staff activating the barrier