Botany Historical Trust

Established in 1994, the Botany Historical Trust preserves and promotes local history, supports the museum and provides advice on local heritage.

You can apply online to become a member of the trust.

About the Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to preserve the history and heritage of the former Botany area.

The Trust:

  • acquires, preserves and displays historic artefacts and records

  • encourages others to donate artefacts and records

  • raises funds to support the George Hanna Memorial Museum at Mascot Library

  • acts as a public fund to receive gifts of money or property to extend the museum's collection

  • cooperates with other groups or institutions who have similar aims and interests

  • provides heritage advice, including classification and preservation of historic buildings

  • promotes and educates residents, in particular children, about local history and heritage.

Become a member

You can apply to become a member of the Botany Heritage Trust.

Apply online

Membership is free and open to inviduals who are interested in preserving and protecting heritage.

To become a member you must:

  • be of good character

  • have two members of the Botany Historical Trust agree to support your nomination

  • have a keen interest in local history

  • accept the purpose and rules of the trust, as defined in the Constitution

  • preferably live or work in the former Botany area.


The Botany Historical Trust meets quarterly, with some additional meetings to focus on specific tasks or projects.

View agendas and minutes

The Trust meets at the George Hanna Memorial Museum, located at Mascot Library.

Members are also invited to meetings, functions, exhibitions and activities related to local history and heritage.


The Trust collaborates with Bayside Council to produce a newsletter that highlights stories and artefacts from the area.

Read the newsletters.

An old hand drawn map of the Municipality of Botany