Urban Forest Strategy 2024

Bayside Council’s draft Urban Forest Strategy, developed to improve our tree canopy and reduce the impact of climate change, is now open for community feedback.

This is Council’s first Urban Forest Strategy and will be used to grow and manage our tree canopy for the benefit of all our community now and into the future.

The Strategy recognises the existing urban forest as a critical asset and highlights the crucial role it plays in shaping the health and character of Bayside.

Council’s existing urban forest, or tree canopy, encompasses natural bushland, public parkland and street verges.

Council is looking to plant an additional 22,022 trees by 2040 and this draft Urban Forest Strategy outlines a clear strategy to reach this goal.

Council will continue to partner with the community to help grow our tree canopy through existing programs like Adopt-a-Tree and Trees for Mum/Dad.

Council has also developed a Significant Tree Register to help raise awareness of the value and importance of trees, and to list trees that are worthy of protection.

Your feedback on this strategy will help ensure Bayside Council effectively tackles the challenging impacts of climate change and contributes to the Net Zero targets set by the NSW State Government.

Mayor Bill Saravinovski said:

“As Bayside continues to change and develop it is important to make sure our tree canopy is able to meet future needs,” Mayor Bill Saravinovski said.

“We can all help by working together to plant more native trees to help address environmental impact.”

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Published on: Wed, 05/06/2024 - 11:24