Preserving our Historic Wetlands

A block of vacant block land in Eastlakes, previously occupied by Gardens R Us, is set to be transformed into public open space following a decision at last night’s Council meeting.

Council resolved to urge Sydney Water and the NSW State Government to transfer ownership of the vacant land at 75 Gardeners Road, Eastlakes, back to the community.

Council will also begin a community campaign to see this land transformed into much needed public open space.

This significant land parcel is intricately linked to the heritage-listed Botany Water Reserves Area and serves as a vital component of the precious Sydney wetlands system, which is the largest coastal freshwater wetlands in the Sydney region.

Mayor Saravinovski said:

“Council is ready to transform this eyesore into an accessible public open space. This will be a valuable recreational asset for the community, that also preserves an important habitat for native wildlife in an urban area,” Mayor Bill Saravinovski said.



Published on: Thu, 28/03/2024 - 16:05