De-amalgamation on the Agenda

De-amalgamation was once again on the agenda at last night’s Council meeting with a notice of motion calling for residents to have a say on the future of Bayside Council and the possible re-establishment of the former City of Botany Bay and Rockdale City Council.

The motion, submitted by Councillors Curry, Morrissey, Jansyn and Muscat, was in response to ongoing community concerns and expectations since the amalgamation of the City of Botany Bay and Rockdale City Council in 2016.

After a lively discussion, an amended motion asking Council to prepare an inhouse business case, was passed.

An inhouse ‘desktop’ business case will allow Councillors to be informed on the implications, financial and otherwise, to de-amalgamate and re-establish the former two councils.

The inhouse report will be presented to Council at the Council Meeting in May.

Mayor Saravinovski said:

“I hope Council can put this issue to rest once and for all,” Mayor Bill Saravinovski said.

“We have been one Council since 2016. We are going into our third Council election. There are significant costs if a de-amalgamation goes ahead. Councillors and the community need to be fully informed.”



Published on: Thu, 28/03/2024 - 16:25