Clean Up Australia Day 2024

Bayside Council is proud to support Clean Up Australia Day and is encouraging residents to register to take part. 

Bayside Council supports Clean Up Australia Day each year by helping site supervisors locate suitable areas as well as: 

  • Arranging disposal points. 
  • Removing hazardous or problematic material. 
  • Disposing and / or recycling rubbish collected in the day. 

Bayside residents have embraced Clean Up Australia Day and have helped remove tonnes of waste from our foreshore areas, bushland and parks.

Cigarette butts, PET bottles and glass bottles typically make up the bulk of rubbish collected in Bayside on the day.

Everyone wanting to take part is encouraged to register on the Clean Up Australia website.

Mayor Saravinovski said:

“Our community has always embraced Clean Up Australia Day getting involved and helping to clean up our beautiful foreshore and other natural areas.”

“It is a wonderful initiative that sees families, schools and local business turn out to be part of Australia’s biggest clean up,” Mayor Bill Sa.ravinovski said. 

Event Details

Clean Up Australia Day

  • Business Clean Up: Tuesday 27 February 
  • School Clean Up: Friday 1 March
  • Clean Up Australia Day: Sunday 3 March

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Published on: Mon, 12/02/2024 - 16:24