Bayside’s Biggest Mural at Wolli Creek

The new park nearing completion at Wolli Creek will also be home to Bayside’s biggest public artwork.

Bayside Council commissioned artists Maddison Gibbs and Jason Wing to create a mural on the 9m high wall at the northern boundary of the park that will bring First Nations art to the heart of Bayside.

The mural, called Reflection, is inspired by trade and movement along the river will highlight the significant Aboriginal Heritage of Wolli Creek and the Cooks River.

It is understood that four different clans lived around the river, including the Darug, Bidjigal, Gameygal and Cadigal people, and the area was a place of trade between inland people, fishing, and gathering shellfish.

Bayside Council purchased the land from the NSW Government and the park was designed with input from residents.

The park, set to open in December, features shaded playspaces for all ages, multi-purpose active space with basketball hoops, seating, fitness equipment, grassed areas for informal games and picnicking, as well as lighting, and footpath improvements.



Published on: Wed, 08/11/2023 - 13:08