Apply to change your rates payment

If you are experiencing hardship, you may be eligible for a rates deferral or payment arrangement.

Apply for a change to your rates payment

If you are eligible, you may apply to enter into a payment arrangement to pay off your rates.

Apply online

If you can't apply online, call us on 1300 581 299.


    You can apply to defer or enter into a payment arrangement for your rates if you:

    • are experiencing financial hardship
    • agree to pay your rates in a payment arrangement.

    We will only accept one application per assessment.

    What you need

    To apply you'll need to complete our online form and provide:

    • your details and information about your property
    • if applying for a payment arrangement, your proposed payment schedule.

    More information

    • A payment arrangement is defined as a regular periodical payment, having regard to the ratepayer's personal financial circumstances, so as to have the rates paid in full by 30 June 2023.
    • Rates, instalment and reminder notices will still be issued during the term of this arrangement.