Seek some advice

We recommend seeking advice when you are planning your project. You may seek advice from us, or from an independent development professional.

General planning advice

Our Development Advisory Service provides general planning advice which includes:

  • explaining the development approval process
  • identifying the planning controls and policies that affect your property
  • assessing whether your proposal is exempt development, complying development, local development requiring consent or prohibited development
  • explaining the process for applying for approval

This service is available at our Customer Service Centres at Eastgardens and Rockdale:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

You do not need an appointment. This is a free service.

Formal advice

We recommend you meet with us for formal advice if you are planning a project that is large, complex or likely to be contentious in nature. This includes:

  • dual occupancies, 
  • multi-residential, 
  • mixed use development
  • major commercial or industrial development.

At a formal advice meeting we will:

  • undertake a detailed review of your plans
  • outline any concerns or issues that may impact on the outcome of your application
  • suggest changes to the design that may improve the likelihood of your application getting approval
  • provide this advice in writing.

If you are unsure whether you should seek formal advice, please seek general advice through our Development Advisory Service first.

To apply for formal pre-development advice:

There is a fee for this service. We calculate the fee based on the cost of the development. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Advice from a development professional

A development professional can help you to prepare your plans. Development professionals include draftspeople, architects and town planners.

They are often experienced at dealing with Councils and have a good understanding of local controls and restrictions.

You can find a development professional from: