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On 1 July 2021 we will be introducing a single scheme for everyone in Bayside.

This will redistribute the way we collect revenue from rates. Everyone's rates will be calculated using the same formula, with the amount you pay based on the value of your land and classification.

This rates tool will show you how these changes impact you and your rates.

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  • these figures are estimates only. You can receive an accurate assessment of your rates by requesting a copy of your rates notice
  • forward projections after 2021/22 do not take into account rates increases in line with the rates peg.
Phased implementation

During a consultation process in late 2020, we asked the Bayside community if they would prefer to phase in the implementation of rates harmonisation over several years, rather than a one-off change.

If your rates will increase due to harmonisation, a phased implementation would mean the increase would be applied in smaller amounts over several years, rather than a one-off increase. On the other hand, if your rates are to reduce under harmonisation, the decrease would be smaller amounts over several years rather than a one-off decrease.

Under current legislation we are unable to do this, however should the NSW Government introduce legislative change to enable a transition to rates harmonisation, we will progress this on behalf of our ratepayers.

This calculator will help you understand the impact of a phased implementation on your rates.

You can adjust the percentage of change that gets implemented each year by typing into the percentage column. The total amount across 5 years should equal 100%:

Year Percentage Total amount
2021/22 $0
2022/23 $0
2023/24 $0
2024/25 $0
2025/26 $0
Error: The total percentage must be 100%.
Current value:
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