Rates and Valuations

We collect rates from our residents and businesses to help fund the infrastructure and services we provide.

How rates are calculated?

We use the NSW Valuer General's value of your property and an assigned rating category to calculate your rates. There is a minimum amount of rates that we apply to each property, regardless of its value, which is considered to be a fair and reasonable amount to contribute towards the services Council provides.

The NSW Valuer-General will send you a 'Notice of Valuation' separately advising the value of your property. If you disagree with your property valuation please contact the NSW Valuer-General to request a review.

The rating category, assigned to every property, can be found on your rate notice. The rates applicable for each rating category are published in the Revenue Policy which can be found in our Operational Plan. If you do not agree with the category assigned, or if you change the use of your property, please notify us, in writing, within 30 days.

The total amount of rates we can collect is determined each year by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

In addition to the rates on your property, your rate notice will also contain any other annual charges applicable including waste removal services and the stormwater levy.

Unpaid rates

Unpaid rates remain a debt on your property, regardless of any change of ownership.


Interest is charged on overdue rates and charges and is calculated daily from the date that the rates were due. To avoid paying interest, please pay your rates by the due date on the notice.

Financial hardship

If you fall behind by two instalments, you must advise us in writing (within seven days) of how and when you intend to bring your account up to date. Special arrangements can be made for residents in the event of extreme financial hardship.

You can make an arrangement to pay your outstanding rates debt by completing and returning to us the Pay by Arrangement Application Form.

Download rates booklet

Download this useful booklet for more information on Council rates, levies and charges:

Need to contact us?

Call 1300 581 299 (weekdays 8:30am-4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm) or email council@bayside.nsw.gov.au