Driveway line marking

Apply for driveway line markings to better define your driveway and discourage illegal parking.

Bayside Council can provide driveway lines at cost to residents which:

  • Serve to better highlight your driveway. Driveway lines help define your driveway but aren’t enforceable by Bayside Council
  • A vehicle parked over your driveway is still subject to the usual rules and penalties that apply to obstructing driveway access.
  • The lines can improve compliance with motorists parking over the edge of your driveway, but there are no guarantees the line marking will provide an absolute solution at all locations.
  • Compliance with the lines comes down to the behaviour of individual motorists.

Bayside Council will not consider the installation of driveway line markings along double driveways or where edge line marking is present.

Driveway line markings

You will need to demonstrate the need for driveway line markings when you apply.

After assessment, and after only your application has been approved, you will be sent an invoice for payment before the driveway line markings will be installed.

The lines will be 2.5m long, 100mm band and painted by us as shown on the standard drawing.

You are responsible for the maintenance or repainting the lines. If you need lines maintained by council, you will need to submit a new application and pay for the lines to be repainted.

Apply online

Press theApply online button to start the registration process, you will be asked to make a payment to complete lodgement.

Payments made by MasterCard or Visa incur a service fee of 0.5%

Apply in person

Download and print theapplication form, and lodge when completed to any of our Customer Service Centres.

Fees and charges

Payments made by MasterCard or Visa incur a service fee of 0.5%.

Application Fee charged after lodgement and assessment.

Application Fee $331.00


After lodgement

Once your application is received you may be contacted for further information.

If you application is approved, the traffic team will contact you to pay the application fee.

If you have any questions, contact on 1300 581 299 Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm.