Winter School Holiday Activities

Bayside Council’s exciting Winter School Holiday program offers a range of free events and activities that give local young people the opportunity to get active, learn new skills and make friends during the holidays.

This year winter activities include arts & crafts workshops, LEGO Robotics, science experiments, social Oztag, and a Basketball workshop.

Library activities cater for younger children aged 5-12, while Youth Services programs are aimed at the 12-25 age group.

Activities are all free except the NSW White Card course for anyone planning to work in the Sydney construction industry, which costs $10.

The full list of activities is available on Councils website.

Mayor Bill Saravinovski said:

“Our program features a range of free activities at the Arncliffe Youth Centre, our libraries and community halls to keep young people engaged and active over the holiday period,” Mayor Bill Saravinovski said.

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Published on: Fri, 05/07/2024 - 09:49