Building and Renovating

Find out what approvals are required to develop in Bayside, including subdividing a property, demolition, building or renovating, as well as first use and change of use

Development pathways

The following links provide useful information to assist you in navigating development requirements relating to renovating, building, subdividing or first use / change of use. 

Please note that all forms required to lodge a development related or certification related application are provided on Council's website.  Please ensure you use Council's most up to date form as provided on the website (as lodgement of applications using old forms may not be accepted).

If you need assistance, Council's Development Advisory Services (DAS) team are here to help further clarify development requirements and any constraints related to your property and proposal.

If you wish to view the key information including zoning, height and FSR requirements, as well as physical constraints relevant to your property, Council's Online Maps provides an interactive tool for residents and developers to view planning maps for your site.

Building and Renovating
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