People with disability

Bayside is committed to supporting access in the community for a range of people. We work with a range of service providers to enhance disability access and advocacy in the community

Why is disability important?

Following local and national reporting, it was determined that up to 18% of of the Bayside population requires help in their day to day lives due to disability. This includes people aged over 65 and those with conditions such as hearing and vision impairments, mobility issues, mental health, neurological conditions and dementia.

Disability and access are important issues in Bayside which is why the Council developed a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan that was adopted in 2017. It was developed following a series of consultations with over 120 people. These included a range of disability specific service providers, people with a disability and their carers.

What services are available?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the new way of providing support for people with a disability and their carers. It aims is to allow eligible people to access mainstream supports in health and education settings and increase the participation of people with a disability in mainstream sporting clubs librarians and community groups. For more information about the NDIS contact 1800 800 110

Ability Linkers

Anyone can contact Ability Linkers as there is no formal assessment or eligibility criteria. It is a free service for people with disabilities, their families and carers to help them plan for the future, become more confident and support them to achieve their goals by building new networks and access support services in the community.

We encourage people to access this free service. There are several Ability Linkers that cover Bayside based at the following services:

Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation 9528 0287

Settlement Services International 9685 0293

Bexley Community Centre 9597 3582 or 9597 5455

International Day of Disability

As disability effects a wides section of the population we believe that International Day of Disability is an important avenue to both recognise the achievements of people with a disability, promote a disability friendly environment and have some fun. If you are interested in attending this event which occurs in late November/early December please contact us on 1300 581 299.