Wild Things

Wild Things

There are a surprising number of native animals and plants living in our city. Some do really well like Rainbow Lorikeets and Cockatoos, others you might not even notice like native bees or microbats and some, that seem to be doing well, ​like Flying Foxes can be refugees from the bush where their habitat is fast disappearing. Being aware of what wildlife might be living in, or passing through your neighbourhood and providing habitat stepping stones in your backyard, can be crucial for the survival of many native animals that are doing it tough in our city.

Wild Things, supported by a grant from the NSW Government's Environmental Trust, offers free talks, excursions and workshops on birds in backyards, bats, frogs, reptiles and native bees.

Register for a Wild Things talk or workshop, go on the waiting list for a native bee hive or find out more about urban wildlife by clicking on the links below.


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Wild Things has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust