Food safety inspections

We conduct food safety inspections on retail food businesses in the Bayside LGA.

Why we conduct inspections

We conduct inspections to asses whether a business is complying with their food health and safety obligations.

We routinely inspect medium and high risk food businesses. We usually inspect low risk food businesses when we receive a complaint.

  • Low risk businesses are those that sell only low risk packaged food 

  • Medium risk businesses are those that sell medium and low risk food

  • High risk businesses are those that sell high risk food including cooked meals

What happens during an inspection

When we inspect your food business we assess:

  • whether you have appointed a trained Food Safety Supervisor

  • your employees' food safety skills and knowledge 

  • food handling controls, including:

    • storage

    • display and transport

    • processing

    • the risk of cross-contamination

  • cleaning and sanitising, hand washing and proximity of facilities 

  • food temperature control 

  • pest control 

  • premises design and construction, including issues such as

    • water supply

    • disposal

    • adequate and safe garbage facilities

    • lighting 

  • food labelling.

Inspection fees

We charge an annual inspection fee to medium and high risk businesses.

We also charge a reinspection fee when we need to conduct a follow-up inspection.