Work Health and Safety

What is it?

We have a requirement to be legally compliant from a Work Health & Safety (WH&S) perspective with regards to the engagement and utilisation of contractor and supplier services.

When suppliers and contractors are asked to demonstrate how they manage WH&S, the standard expected depends on the type of work being undertaken and the risks involved.

What do you need to do?

We have engaged the management services of BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd (BNG Conserve) to provide contractor services. If you become a provider of works/services to us, our expectation is that you undergo the accreditation process with BNG Conserve to become an “Approved” contractor/supplier for Council.

There is an annual licensing fee of $180.00 + GST (payable by you to BNG Conserve) for this service. If you are already accredited with BNG Conserve, all you need to do is advise us and BNG Conserve to complete our online induction process.

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