Works zone application

You will need to apply for a Work Zone Permit to create a temporary signposted parking area adjacent to your building site.

Work zones facilitate construction projects by providing an area adjacent to a building site during construction hours that aids in minimising traffic disruption.

Your application request will be reported to the Bayside Local Traffic Committee for determination and onto Council for approval. Applications can take up to a minimum of ten (10) weeks to be actioned.

Requests for work zones are assessed on an individual basis to balance the needs of the development and other community members who use the road.

Work zone information

Your application will be assessed on the likely impact of the work on traffic, parking and residents/businesses.

Stopping in a Work zone -NSW Road Rules 2014 permits any driver to stop in work zones provided they’re in a vehicle that is:

  • Engaged in construction work in or near the zone, or
  • Dropping off, or picking up, passengers.

Application processing

Additional processing time is required to refer applications to the Bayside Traffic Committee for determination, as a work zone may impact traffic, parking and/or residents/businesses. Applications can take up to a minimum of ten (10) weeks to be successfully actioned.

See below for the Work Zone Permit approval process:

  • Your application will be assessed and presented to the Bayside Local Traffic Committee for review and recommendation and subsequently be formally approved at a Council meeting. The Council and Committee meetings schedule can be found here.
  • The Bayside Local Traffic Committee and/or Council may impose additional conditions of approval.
  • You will be provided with an invoice of applicable fees and associated conditions if the application is approved.
  • Signage will be installed within three (3) weeks of invoice payment.
  • Your work zone is only valid for the approved period. You are responsible to advise Bayside Council if you need an extension of time. Extensions must be made at least six (6) weeks prior to the expiry date of the works.

Supporting documentation

We require lodgement of all plans and supporting documentation in digital form as PDF documents. Check the Lodgement Guidelines for Engineering Applications

You will need the following documents ready before applying:

  • Scope of work/Site Plan (Works general arrangement plan)
  • Traffic Management Plan – Which must include the following:
    • Vehicle sweep-paths and
    • Traffic Control plan and information related to DA Consent
  • Certificate of Currency (Public Liability $20million minimum)
  • Other documents – which may be required such as:
    • TfNSW Approval (if applicable)
    • Transit System Authority or Bus Operators approval (if applicable)

Apply online

Press the Apply online button to start the registration process, you will be asked to make a payment to complete lodgement.

Payments made by MasterCard or Visa incur a service fee of 0.5%

Apply in person

Download and print the application form, and lodge when completed to any of our Customer Service Centres

Other authorities

You may need to contact other regional, state or federal authorities before your applications can be approved.

Lodging an application without approval from other authorities will delay the assessment of your application.

If the proposal is on, or within 100m of, a TfNSW Classified State or Regional Road or within 100m of a traffic light, the activity can’t commence unless a Road Occupancy License (ROL) has been obtained from the Traffic Management Centre.

Activities and the hours of work may be restricted and/or subject to conditions.

Fees and charges

Payments made by MasterCard or Visa incur a service fee of 0.5%.

A non-refundable application fee is required at submission.

Assessment of your application won’t start until the application fee has been paid. You must pay all additional fees and charges before the installation of any work zone signage.

Bayside Councils adopted fees and charges can be found in the current Fees and Charges.

Application fee paid at lodgement.

Application fee $400.00 Per Application

Fees and Charges to be paid after assessment.

Work zone - Roadway $29.50

Per lineal metre per lane, per week or part thereof
Minimum period of 10 weeks.

Work zone – Off-street parking


Per space, per week or part thereof
Minimum period of 10 weeks.

Work zone – Regulatory Signage.
Installation and removal of two signs plus stems.

$1055.00 Per approved application

After lodgement

Once your application is received you may be contacted for further information.

If you have any questions, contact on 1300 581 299 Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm.