Household Clean Up Dates

Everything you need to know about our clean up service.

Online Calendar

At the beginning of each calendar year residents are provided with their Household Cleanup Service dates which notifies them of all clean up dates and how to present clean up material.  You can also use our online calendar to confirm when your next clean up date is scheduled for.  Clean up dates vary across the LGA so please make sure you check the online calendar to confirm the correct dates.  Sometimes even a near by street could be in a different clean up zone.

All residents in the former Rockdale LGA have four scheduled clean up services a year.  Residents in the former Botany Bay LGA have two planned clean up services and two on call services.  To book an on call service please contact customer service on 1300 581 299.



Clean Up Service

Bayside Council collects mattresses, metals and white goods from your scheduled or pre-booked clean up using a flatbed truck to maximise recycling and recovery rates. You can help by separating these items from the general waste pile.

In September 2018, disposal facilities began a trial to send Council’s clean up material to a recovery facility to improve diversion from landfill. In 2019, Council is seeking to secure a long-term commitment to meet our 2030 vision of at least 85% landfill diversion.

The clean-up week in your zone will take place from 6am from the day specified on the fridge magnet. Please follow guidelines to ensure your waste is compliant for removal.

Your scheduled collection dates are available on the Council issued magnet, on the Waste Services App, on the Council website, or available by calling Customer Service on 1300 581 299. Below is an example of what your Clean Up magnet looks like. If you have not received a magnet, please contact Council on the above number for one to be sent to you.

Clean Up Service example


DO NOT PRESENT earlier than Saturday or later than Sunday before your scheduled collection dates or the day before an on-call collection. Otherwise, it will be treated as illegally dumped material.

3 CUBIC METRES PER HOUSEHOLD only will be collected (one box trailer). Any extra waste may be deemed as over-presentation, you will have 48 hours to arrange for its removal. If not removed, it will be treated as illegally dumped material.

NEAT AND CORRECT PLACEMENT of waste may be enforced. Place waste neatly on outer edge of nature strip in front of your property or in the bulky waste room/space available in your multi-unit complex.

DO NOT PLACE material in rear lane ways, in gutters or garden islands. Otherwise, it will be treated as illegally dumped.

DO NOT BLOCK pedestrian or vehicular access.

BAG OR BOX all loose and small waste to prevent the potential for wind-blown littering.

BAG, BOX OR TIE green waste and remove spiky thorns.

SEPARATE PILES including mattresses, white goods, metals, e-waste to assist with a more efficient collection service.

Clean Up Pile

Clean up items that cannot be accepted

CrossMaterials exceeding three (3) cubic metres – approx. one box trailer load.

CrossHeavy items which cannot be lifted safely by two people.


CrossGas cylinders and fire extinguisher.

CrossHazardous liquid including paint, oil, petrol, acid, chlorine and solvents.

CrossBranches thicker than 30 cm and/or longer than 1.2 metres.

CrossThorny branches including roses, spiky palm tree fronds, loose grass clippings.

CrossCast iron bath tubs or concrete tubs.

CrossBuilding materials including bricks, tiles, concrete, sawdust, sand, soil or fine particles like cement mix.

CrossAny glass items (ie. shower screens, mirrors, windows and doors).

CrossRailway sleepers that are longer than 1.2 metres. Food waste/garbage. Fibreglass sheeting, insulation batts. Guttering that is longer than 1.2 metres.

CrossStructural steel.

CrossWater pipe longer than 1.2 metres.

CrossCar doors, bonnets, bumper bars, engine parts, tyres and batteries.

CrossMaterial placed out after your residence/street has been cleared

Mobile Waste Services App

We've created a Waste Services mobile app to provide all this information and more, in real time.

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