Waste & Recycling

Our Waste & Cleansing services team are responsible for keeping our city clean through the delivery of waste and recycling services, management services contracts, waste education and regulation, waste avoidance and resource recovery initiatives.

Our ONLINE CALENDAR can give you information about your next clean up date and kerbside rubbish collection.

Services for residents

  • Garbage and organics recovery
  • Recycling
  • Kerbside clean up
  • Community recycling drop off events

We also keep our city clean with services such as provision of street and park litter bins and cleaning services.

Managing Waste & Recycling

Bayside Council provides residents with multiple options to access information, which includes Council's:

  • Website;
  • Waste Services App;
  • Mail delivered 2020 Cleanup, Waste & Recycling Calendar;
  • Online Waste & Cleansing Services Guide 2020;
  • Online web based Calendar.

Information Access


Mobile Waste Services App

We've developed a Waste Services App so residents can access information on their recycling and waste services 24/7.

Downlaod the app on Google Play Available on the App Store

Waste App Award 2018

Online Household Collections Calendar

At the beginning of each calendar year residents are provided with Waste & Cleansing Services information in the form of a fridge calendar magnet that notify residents of all bin collection dates, clean up dates, drop off events, and other programs. Residents can also check their collection dates for kerbside bins and clean up services online.

Online Calendar

You can check DATES ONLINE HERE.

Online calendar example 2020

How do I make a report?

If you encounter illegal dumping, you can report it using the NSW EPA hotline 131 555. Illegal dumping incidents reported via the NSW EPA hotline are assigned to the Sydney Metropolitan Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (RID Squad).

The Sydney Metropolitan RID Squad was established in 2015 as a regional approach to combating illegally dumped rubbish by identifying both the origin and dumping locations of illegally dumped rubbish across Sydney.

The Squad allows for a coordinated, regional approach to assist Council in managing the issue of illegal dumping by enhancing enforcement and engagement activities.

Alternatively, you can report it directly on the Bayside Waste App, as shown:

Illegal Dumping on App

What should I include in my report?

When reporting illegal dumping incidents please provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • Location of the illegally dumped material.
  • Is the material blocking a road, driveway or private property?
  • Is the material on public or private property?
  • Description of the material.
  • Date that you first noticed the material.
  • Information about the dumper (eg name, licence plate number, description of dumper or vehicle).
Waste & Recycling
Need to contact us?

Call 1300 581 299 (weekdays 8:30am-4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm) or email council@bayside.nsw.gov.au