Boarding houses

We inspect boarding houses to make sure they are safe and authorised.

We will investigate reports of illegal boarding houses and unauthorised development at boarding houses.

About boarding houses

Boarding houses are premises that:

  • have rooms that accomodate one or more boarders or lodgers

  • provide boarders or lodgers with a principle place of residence for a minimum of three months.

Boarding houses do not include backpackers’ accommodation, group homes, share houses, hotels or motels, bed and breakfast accommodation, seniors housing or serviced apartments.

Boarding houses have to comply with rules and regulations that keep the residents and neighbours safe. This includes:

  • obtaining development consent

  • registering their premises with us

  • completing an 'occupancy agreement' with each boarder or lodger.


We carry out regular inspections to make sure boarding houses are meeting their obligations.

We also investigate reports from the community, which may involve conducting additional inspections.

If a boarding house is not authorised, or has unauthorised development, we may issue a fine to the owner.

Reporting an issue with a boarding house

Report it online

You can raise an issue by phone: 1300 581 299.

Please supply as much detail as possible, including photos if you have them. This helps us to investigate your issue quickly and thoroughly.