Services for Older People

Information about local support and services for seniors.


Seniors are a diverse group of people with a diverse range of interests and issues. Older people aged 65 years and over make up 19% of the Bayside population; the number of residents aged 70 years and over increase by 1% to 10.5%.

41% of our residents come from countries where English is not the first language. 8.2% of residents do not speak English fluently and so are more likely to require language and culturally specific services as they age.

Seniors Events

Bayside Seniors Festival 24 February - 20 March 202

We’ve got a range of FREE events to celebrate, get your brain thinking, your body active, discover new ideas and meet new people.

There are still old favourites like the Matinee Musical, Open Days at Seniors Groups and Coach Trips, but watch out for some new additions! We will have Author Talks; Seniors Technology Classes in the Libraries; help with My Age Care with COTA’s Age Care Navigator; tips for fixing things around the house with Fix It Sisters and a Sixties Sing Along. Also find out who the TOFS are and check out the great specials for seniors going at our Aquatic Centres.

View the 2020 Senior's Festival program here. 

For more information contact Council's Aged Specialist on 9366 3679.

Senior's Garden Party

Council's Seniors Garden Party is held annually in May to recognise the valuable contribution of seniors and seniors groups in the community. For more information contact Council's Events team on 1300 581 299.


Seniors Centres and Seniors Groups

Senior Centres and seniors groups operate throughout Bayside area and are available to people aged 50 years and over. Seniors groups and Centres offer a broad range of  activities including cultural, social, recreation, adult learning and health and wellbeing activities. Seniors are encouraged to join any of the groups based on interest for example: computers, dancing, choir, card games, carpentry, exercise, coach trips, educational activities and current affairs, to name a few.

If you'd like to meet new people contacting a Seniors Centre or Seniors group is a great place to start.

Seniors and Community Centres in Bayside

  • Ramsgate -  9529 6622
  • Pagewood - 9669 1182
  • Mascot -  9693 2200
  • Kogarah West - 9588 5050
  • Arncliffe - 9562 1666
  • Rockdale - 9562 1666
  • Alf Kay Centre - 9366 3522

Seniors Groups

  • Rockdale Adult Leisure Learning Centre - 0413 793 641
  • Mature Men's Group - 0413 045 757
  • 55 Plus - 9316 8012
  • Men's Shed - 1300 550 009

Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Services

  • Care Connect - 9830 8900
  • 3 Bridges - 1300 327 434
  • Advance Diversity Services - 9597 5455

Health and Fitness

Finding an exercise based activity to keep you fit and active is important at all ages. Whether its a active fitness, relaxation and stress management or gentle exercise the following organisations can help you find an activity to suit your interests and needs.

Home Support Services

If you or someone you know would like help to remain independently at home, My Aged Care is the starting point for entry to the aged care system.  My Aged Care aims to help older people remain in their own home by providing access to support services.

Services are provided are under the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

To find out about services available and to for a referral to any services for the aged, contact My Aged Care or call 1800 200 422.

Changes to Council Support Services: Meals on Wheels, Shopping List Program and Centre Based programs

Council is in the process of transitioning clients from its support services including the Meals on Wheels and Shopping services and centre based programs to South Eastern Community Connect and Randwick Meals on Wheels Service.

These very experienced local, community based services are already providing services in the eastern part of Bayside and Council is pleased that they have been approved to support our residents. 

Aged Care Services Transition

Why change how services are being delivered?

Over the last 6 years and more there has been considerable change in Aged Care. To deal with these changes, after considerable review, on 12 December 2018, Council made a decision to transition our services to nearby community based organisations. We found that our client numbers and referrals had been declining over a long period. Increased competition and the fact that the service had a relatively small intake area along with other changes contributed to this.  Small services across Sydney have experienced similar issues. We were concerned to ensure continuity of care, flexibility and choice for local elderly residents into the future.

How we are going about it

We are transitioning our services to other local community based services who are able to offer the same services and most importantly, a greater range of choice and specialisation for clients.  We specifically looked for a "like-for-like” arrangement. Meals on Wheels and Shopping for example we anticipate will be offered in the same way with volunteers doing delivery at the same or a lower price.  We understand well that there are many people who are housebound and need care and support.  Council is committed to supporting them.  Some of our clients have really enjoyed looking at some other service options recently as part of the pre-transition process.

The role of the Commonwealth

Aged care services are funded by the Commonwealth with some support from Council and are part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program. The transition to these other local services has been approved by the Commonwealth. Approval has been granted however the process has not yet been finalised.

The role of Bayside Council

Council will not be closing down or removing services from our elderly clients nor will services be privatised. Council is committed to continuing to support our local community services and those considered during this process are already delivering services in Bayside. Our volunteers will be welcomed by the new services if they choose to make the change.

Council staff have been talking to clients and their carers and to our volunteers on a very regular basis for some time now so that they are well informed and know exactly what is going on. Anyone who is a client of our service or who is authorised to speak on their behalf should speak directly to the Coordinator of the service on 96694640 should they have any concerns.

Anyone who needs access to aged care services now can ring My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.  They arrange referrals to all services in the area and have been doing so since 2015.

Home Library Service

If you are unable to visit the Library due to illness, disability or mobility issues, Council's Home Library Service staff can discuss options to deliver and exchange magazines, books, CD's and hearing books to your home each month.

Need to contact us?

Call 1300 581 299 (weekdays 8:30am-4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm) or email