Safer Cities – Her Way program

Bayside Council is proud to be partnering with Transport for NSW on the Safer Cities: Her Way program. 

Council received a $1 million grant, over 18 months, to pilot interventions aimed at improving public spaces including streets and public transport hub precincts, making them feel safer and more welcoming particularly, for women, girls and gender diverse people.

Bayside Council’s Pilot Interventions

Last year, we heard from over 141 people about their experiences of using Mascot, Rockdale and Arncliffe public spaces and transport hub precincts. Through a series of walkshops and online surveys, community provided ideas about what would make these public spaces feel safer for women, girls and gender-diverse people. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas across the various locations. Although not all public spaces assessed during the phase one engagement delivered pilot interventions as part of the Safer Cities: Her Way Program, the insights gained during that process will inform Council's future planning of public spaces. 

Based on community input, the below locations were chosen to pilot interventions as part of the Safer Cities: Her Way Program.

  • Laycock Walk, Mascot  
  • King Street Mall, Rockdale 
  • Astridge Lane, Rockdale

Here’s how your insights informed the interventions at each location:

   What you told us  Our intervention
Laycock Walk, Mascot
  • You would feel safer ‘if there was more lighting’ or ‘creative lighting’
  • The bus stop can feel overcrowded at peak times
  • New colourful lighting
  • New seating
  • A community event to celebrate the program and activate the space 
King Street Mall, Rockdale
  • More outdoor dining, events, greenery and lighting would make you feel safer
  • There is a lack of diversity in seating options 
  • More businesses open later would make you feel safer
  • There are not enough opportunities to meet your neighbours
  • New festoon and gateway lighting
  • New street furniture and a more flexible seating arrangement for enhanced social interactions
  • New plants
  • A community event to celebrate the program, activate evening business, and for community members to get to know their neighbours 
Astridge Lane, Rockdale
  • You want to see public art representing Rockdale’s culture
  • Local artist commissioned to design mural on the walkway

New lighting, seating, plants and more are being installed as part of the pilot interventions expected to be completed in May 2024.

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