Introduction - Mail Theft and Scammers

Introduction - Mail Theft and Scammers

Protect yourself from mail theft.

Mail theft

The NSW Police have released information regarding the rising crime of mail theft; watch their video below.

Identity theft

Identity theft is a type of fraud that involves using someone else's identity to steal money or gain other benefits.

Modern life is all about easy access and convenience for the customer. This includes how we receive and send goods and information. Items such as credit cards, driver’s licences and utility statements sent out in the mail include vital personal details of you and your family. In the wrong hands some of this information can be used to create false identifications and used for crime. This type of crime costs millions of dollars each year and can have devastating consequences for your financial reputation. By following some of these simple tips we all can better protect ourselves from this type of crime.

Secure your mail

  • Always install a lockable mailbox
  • Always use a quality lock on your mailbox
  • Never allow your mailbox to become full or overflow

Protect your mail

  • Always arrange to collect new credit cards from the bank or post office
  • Always have mail held at the post office or collected by a friend when you’re away for extended periods
  • Always have your mail cleared daily

Protect your identity

  • Always beware of ‘cold calling’ and confirm who you are talking to
  • Never give any of your personal details to people you don’t know or trust
  • Always contact your bank, financial institution or service provider if you think you have been contacted by a scammer

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