Meet your Councillors

Bayside Council is represented by 15 Councillors, each elected by the people who live in Bayside's 5 wards.

The current Council term will run until 2024.


Ward 1 (Contact details)

  • Cr Christina Curry - Mayor

  • Cr Jennifer Muscat

  • Cr Scott Morrissey - Deputy Mayor

Ward 2 (Contact details)

  • Cr Ann Fardell

  • Cr Jo Jansyn

  • Cr Michael Nagi

Ward 3 (Contact details)

  • Cr Andrew Tsounis

  • Cr Bill Saravinovski

  • Cr Greta Werner

Ward 4 (Contact details)

  • Cr Joe Awada

  • Cr Liz Barlow

  • Cr Mark Hanna

Ward 5 (Contact details)

  • Cr Edward McDougall

  • Cr Heidi Lee Douglas

  • Cr Paul Sedrak

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Map of Bayside showing the location of wards

You can find out which ward your property is in by:

  1. visiting our online mapping system
  2. accepting the terms and conditions
  3. search for your address. You can find the property search box on the bottom of the screen on a desktop, or by clicking the 'magnifying glass' icon on the bottom of your phone screen.

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