Priority Precincts

These are areas nominated by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) to be the focus of initiatives to create more housing, jobs and vitality near public transport, shops and services.

Bayside West Priority Precinct

In 2013, Council completed a Princes Highway Corridor Strategy that analysed and developed strategies to revitalise the Princes Highway Corridor, and including the centres around Arncliffe and Banksia.

Using this strategy, Council nominated the Princes Highway corridor to be a Priority Precinct. In December 2014 the Minister for Planning announced that Arncliffe and Banksia would be Priority Precincts with the aim of revitalising the centres with more housing close to the Arncliffe and Banksia train stations, while rejuvenating employment along the Princes Highway corridor.

In 2016, following the investigation work undertaken for these precincts, the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) packaged the information, along with some provisional information about the nearby Cooks Cove precinct, and released a Draft Bayside West Precinct Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy for exhibition.

For more information about the Bayside West Priority Precinct, or to register your contact details with Department of Planning and Environment for updates, please use the links below to the DP&E website.

Bayside West Precinct