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Say no to incinerators

We are opposed to a proposal to build an incinerator facility at Matraville.

Locating an incinerator so close to populated areas is unneccesary and is incompatible with the health and well-being of nearby residents.

You can get involved in the campaign and sign the petition.

M6 stage 1 Project Update

The new community facilities at Brighton Memorial Playing Fields, McCarthy Reserve & Ador Reserve Precinct have been built by TFNSW and are now open to the community.

Learn more about the newly upgraded facilities, park closure, investigation work, construction site establishment and environmental mitigation strategies.

Celebrate Australia Day

Australia Day at the Botany Aquatic Centre on Wednesday 26 January will encourage residents to reflect, respect and celebrate.

This family day event at the Botany Aquatic Centre runs from 11am to 3pm. It will include water and cultural craft activities, Indigenous dance and didgeridoo performances, live music and much more.

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