These are some of the frequently asked questions on how businesses can supply or deal with us.

How many quotations must Council obtain from suppliers?

Attached to our Procurement Policy is a table that can provide you with information on what method of procurement we must follow for different values.

Does Council have to tender for everything?

No, we are not required to tender for everything. In a lot of cases we can seek quotations instead. The methods of procurement is guided by NSW laws and our Procurement Policy.

How do I find out about tender opportunities?

There are a variety of ways to find out about upcoming tenders. If you are looking at doing business with us you can:

  • Visit our website to view our upcoming tenders;
  • You can also register your business and receive notifications of opportunities on Tenderlink; or
  • Look out for tender advertisements in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Southern Courier or The St George Leader.

Legislation requires us to publish tenders in newspapers so you don’t need to worry that it might not be publicly advertised.

Submission deadlines for tenders are strict. If a tender is submitted late, it will not be considered, so allow for any errors that may occur, human or technological, and submit tenders at least 24 hours before the deadline in the correct format.

It is also important to be aware of any time differences and the effect of daylight savings so you do not submit at the incorrect time.

When responding to a tender, ensure you answer all the requirements to the best of your ability. Tenders that fail to answer all requirements are listed as non-compliant, which severely limits your chances of success.

What process do you have that ensures fairness in considering suppliers big and small?

We do business with thousands of suppliers and contractors in all shapes and sizes.

The key important principle in our selection process is best value for money to support our business requirements. This means it is not just about price or the size of the company. There are several factors taken into consideration as outlined in our Procurement Policy.

We encourage you to apply for a procurement opportunity when it arises and to present information about your goods and services on offer that can support our business requirements specified in the procurement documentation. You have to be in it to win it!

Can I submit a non-compliant tender?

Yes, but usually only if you also include a compliant tender as well. You may be able to provide a better model of service or product than what is being asked for, but you must address what is called for in the tender specification before you offer the alternative.

How do I respond to a tender?

Instructions for responding to a tender can be found in the tender documents.

Who else can find out about my offer?

Submissions are treated as confidential and any information submitted in a tender will not be distributed to external parties. Submissions will only be viewed by Council staff responsible for evaluating and making decisions regarding the tender.

Why would Council want me as a supplier?

We want you as a supplier because competition provides better outcomes. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative suppliers who can help us improve. We believe contributing to the local economy is considered an important function of local government.

If my submission is unsuccessful, can I find out the tender results or obtain feedback on my submission?

We publish tender results on our website. You can contact the the contact officer after the results have been published to gain feedback regarding your submission.