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Scarborough Park Courts Facility Upgrade

Development updates on our facility upgrade


The renewal of the Scarborough Park courts facility will ensure recreational use can be improved by better accessibility and multi-play surface types.

We have proposed an upgrade to rejuvenate the Scarborough Park courts by making it safe, accessible, and sympathetic to the highly valued natural environment at the location.

We are planning to upgrade the courts to create a multi-sport facility that will increase the recreational opportunities for our community, like tennis, basketball, volleyball and futsal.

Check this page for updates as the project progresses, or visit Scarborough Park Courts Facility Upgrade for more information on the project and the consultation so far.

Proposed upgrades

Our draft concept design shows the proposed upgrades, which includes:

  • Upgrading the courts to a compliant acrylic hard court surface
  • new player and spectator shelters
  • new compliant sports fencing
  • an accessible path from Hawthorne St parking to the courts.


Next steps

Consultation on the final design has concluded and can be viewed under Review of Environmental Factors.

Follow this page for updates on the progress of the project, or you can email any questions to

Review of Environmental Factors

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) assessment has been completed in accordance with legislative requirements, and is available to view from 20 February 2023. 

The REF found the project will result in limited impacts to biodiversity, and recommended measures to minimise these impacts with the following (but not limited to) management plans:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Sediment and Erosion Plan
  • Traffic Control Plan.

The REF also assessed the effect of new lighting, providing minimisation measures to limit any impact. However, Council hasn't endorsed new lighting as part of the project and it won't be progressed at this time.

The assessment contained in the REF, considers the proposal is not likely to have a significant impact upon the environment or any threatened species, populations, or communities.

Download and view the Scarborough Park Courts Review of Environmental Factors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Scarborough Park being upgraded?

We are always working to ensure existing sport and recreation facilities are upgraded to meet the future needs of our growing population. The proposed works will provide a fun public open space that anyone in Bayside can safely access to play the sport of their choice.

Why have acrylic surfaces been chosen for the upgrade?

We have chosen an acrylic surface over synthetic grass as Scarborough Park’s surrounding trees and heavy shade creates a warm, damp climate that increases issues with contamination and agal growth. Acrylic is less susceptible to these issues making it a more appropriate surface finish for this location.

Acrylic surfaces are also a more suitable multi-functional surface which will cater to the various sports proposed for the upgrade, and is acceptable for all abilities as well as wheelchair accessibility.

When will construction commence?

Proposed to commence Winter 2023, pending successful award of the construction tender. Notification of construction will be sent to residents who live near the site and respondents of the first stage of community consultation.

Demolition of the player shelters was completed in early December 2022. These works have received a separate approval and will be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

How will residents and park users be impacted during construction?

We aim to minimise disruption to the community during all construction projects. There will be unavoidable but minor disruptions to parking to enable builder site access. The construction zone will be fenced for public safety but access to other areas of the park will be maintained at all times during construction.

How will traffic be affected?

The proposed works are determined to have negligible impacts on road network capacity or off-street parking, servicing, or site access requirements.

Scarborough Park courts are serviced by Hawthorne Street, Emmaline Street, Culver Street and Florence Street, with carpark for 115 vehicles along the western side of Hawthorne Street. The carpark facilitates a public school at the end of the road, the school also operates as a farmers market on Saturdays.

The site is accessible through the Scarborough Park / Ramsgate Beach pedestrian pathway network, and is approximately 400m from the nearest bus stop on Chuter Ave.

Are approvals required before construction can begin?

Yes. Upgrade works of local area parks, fields, facilities and other large projects are permitted under the Bayside Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2021, and can be approved under Parks and other public reserves of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 (Infrastructure SEPP) without development consent under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment (EPA) Act, 1979.

Not all projects require a Development Approval (DA), however we are still required to examine all potential matters likely to affect the environment and meet our obligations under the EPA Act 1979.

To do this, we engage a third-party company to help prepare a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) which examines the likely impacts of a proposal on the environment and biodiversity, and the measures required to mitigate impacts. 

What plans are in place to protect ecological communities, bird habitats, endangered species and native animals?

This project will be delivered within the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requiring we examine and consider all matters likely to affect the environment.

A Review of Environmental Factors was also prepared and found the project will result in limited impacts to biodiversity. See Review of Environmental Factors to learn more.

What is a Review of Environmental Factors?

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is required when a public authority undertakes a project under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

REFs examine the significance of likely environmental impacts of a proposal and the measures required to mitigate them. The safeguards and mitigation measures that are detailed in a REF will help minimise these expected impacts. 

The safeguards and mitigation measures recommended in the REF are reflected in the approval and the contractors Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) to ensure they are carried out.