Waste reuse, recycle and disposal

Waste & Recycling portal

Our Waste & Recycling portal provides you the correct disposal information based on your street address and suburb.

The portal asks for your street address and suburb, and will show you what materials can be recycled, reused, or disposed, and what bins and services you need to dispose them.

Search or scan the portal to find a material. Press on the material you're looking for to get advice on how to dispose using the following methods:

  • Yellow recycle bin
  • Red garbage and organics recovery bin
  • Return and Earn collection
  • Reuse, recycle, or sell
  • BINGO recycling
  • CRC chemical disposal
  • Council clean-up

Download the Waste Services app

Download the Bayside Waste Services app so you can set reminders for clean-up days and bin collection days, report an issue or request a service, and locate your nearest waste and recycling facility.

Download the app on Google Play Available on the App Store