Vehicle Activated Signs

Bayside Council has added vehicle activated safety signs to its arsenal of tools used to combat speeding and dangerous driving.

“I am pleased Council has installed 20 Vehicle Activated Safety Signs at strategic locations across the LGA as part of an ongoing campaign to change driver behaviour and improve road safety,” Mayor Dr Christina Curry said.

“Data from these signs, along with the community feedback, will also be used identify future locations of smart CCTV cameras that will continue to be utilised to help curb anti-social behaviour.”

Vehicle activated signs (VAS) are discrete digital roadside signs that remain blank until activated by an approaching vehicle travelling within a set speed limit. Once activated the signs display a message relating to speed of the approaching vehicle.

Studies have demonstrated that these signs have a positive impact driver behaviour and help reduce speeding.

Council is hopeful these signs will help slow traffic without the negative impacts associated with raised speed humps or other traffic devices.

These signs also collect data on the amount of road traffic and speeds that can be analysed by Council staff involved in traffic planning.

This data can also be shared with St George Police Area Command.



Published on: Fri, 16/09/2022 - 11:17