Sandringham Baths CCTV

Bayside Council is installing CCTV cameras near Sandringham Baths in response to community concerns regarding anti-social behaviour.

“Council is committed to ensuring the safety of our community. Following concerns raised by local residents we are installing state-of-the art technology to help enforce parking restrictions and identify those involved in anti-social behaviour,” Mayor Joe Awada said.

The cameras will be installed in the vicinity of Sandringham Baths on Vanston Parade, Lena Street, and Ida Street.

The cameras will be able to recognise licence plates and capture the required footage / images to process infringements.

Infra-red technology will allow the cameras to operate at night as well. 

These cameras will also monitor any illegal activity of motorbikes on the footpath between Vanston Parade and Ida Street.

Infringement notices will be posted to offending vehicle owners by Revenue NSW.

Installation will occur within the next 6 weeks and nearby residents will be advised of measures in place to minimise disruption closer to the date of installation.

There will be no loss of power during the installation process and access for local resident access will not be impeded.

Bayside Council is proud to provide industry leading technology to ensure our community can enjoy the fantastic recreational areas on offer in the Bayside area, and not have to worry about the safety of friends, family and visitors. 


Published on: Thu, 22/07/2021 - 12:56