Message from the Mayor

My theme for this newsletter is around the importance of being active in all aspects of our lives.  This includes participating in all that Bayside has to offer as well as making sure that exercise and wellbeing activities are all part of our daily life. 

A couple of great events over the weekend saw lots of active people of all ages enjoying the outdoors. We kicked off the weekend with some fantastic swimming at Botany Aquatic Centre for the NSW RSL  61st Annual Youth Swimming Competition, followed by our Active Fest on Sunday. 

It was great to see so many children and open age competitors in the biathlon event. I felt quite inspired seeing everyone just giving it a go and seeing the sense of achievement on the faces of the people when they crossed the finish line.   

The Active Fest event also gave attendees the opportunity to check their heart health which is important with heart disease being responsible for many health problems.  Another excellent initiative at Active Fest was the provision of information on how to perform CPR including the use of defibrillators. It was wonderful to watch families learning CPR together. 

Defibrillators can be the difference between life and death when cardiac arrest strikes.  Bayside is adding more defibrillators to our Seniors Centres and sporting facilities. Although we always hope they don’t need to be used, having greater access to these self-guiding machines will potentially save lives. 

Of course, the ultimate best steps for prevention is to make sure that we take good care of ourselves.  Exercise plays an important part and there are many opportunities to participate in either organised sport or individual exercise in our Bayside area.  We have our beautiful foreshore, our parks, golf courses and outdoor fitness stations.  We also have a large number of sporting clubs and sporting facilities for both individual and team sports.  As I’ve said previously, we are so grateful to our many community volunteers who keep these clubs going. 

I’d also like to highlight that Harmony Day is being celebrated on Tuesday, 21 March.  It’s a great opportunity to recognise the many different cultures who all contribute to our wonderful Bayside community.

As always please feel free to contact me or my fellow Councillors if we can help you with any Council matter. 

Dr Christina Curry



Published on: Fri, 17/03/2023 - 14:43