Message from the Mayor

Our resident sculptures down at Cook Park, the hippo and crab, are looking for a new friend.

Entries opened this week for the 2020 Sculptures @ Bayside competition which offers an acquisition prize of up to $50,000.

Local artists are encouraged to enter.

The beautiful bronze hippo created by Gillie and Marc from Alexandria was last year’s winner. The crab was created by Toowoomba artist Joy Heylen. It would be great to have a Bayside artist’s work join the duo next year.

Planning for the 2020 Bayside Arts Festival which includes three competition elements – Sculptures, Visual Art, and Photography – is well underway.

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Parking a hot topic

This week the Southern Courier Online ran a story about Council raking in the money from parking fines, claiming it wasn’t rocket science how we are doing it.

Indeed it isn’t. If you obey the rules you won’t be fined. If no fines are issued, no money is collected – it is that simple.

Parking complaints probably make up a good 50 percent of why residents contact their local Council.

If Councils don’t respond in a timely manner, they are not doing their job and if they do, they are revenue raising.

The community seems confused and the media loves to sensationalise, but for Council it is simple.

If you do not want to donate to us and the State Debt Recovery Office then do the right thing and obey the parking rules.

I make no apologies for enforcing the law, particularly around school zones protecting our children.

Published on: Tue, 26/11/2019 - 11:08
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