Mayoral Summit on Waste

Bayside Council Mayor Dr Christina Curry joined a panel of Mayors for a lively Q & A discussion at the Mayoral Summit on Waste held in Sydney Town Hall last week.

The speakers and Mayors spoke of the challenges and potential waste crisis looming for the Greater Sydney region, which requires immediate action from all tiers of Government, the waste industry and other key stakeholders to collaborate and find sustainable solutions. 

Mayor Dr Christina Curry took the opportunity to highlight the success of Bayside Council’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

“I am most proud of our WARR Strategy 2018-2030, which embodies the circular economy model, and is a rolling program with continuous action plans, improvements and initiatives that have resulted in Bayside being a Finalist in the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Cities Awards for 5 consecutive years and winning 12 awards in multiple categories.”

“We learnt early on in our circular economy journey that we have to constantly improve, be agile and adapt to environmental and market conditions.

“This was particularly important in recent times, dealing with extenuating circumstances such as the pandemic, global supply chain issues, and natural disasters, where our community and our business continuity and contingency plans were tested.”

Bayside Council also recently received the Excellence in Environment Award for its Bayside Community Recycling Innovation Hub that is used to collect and sort materials like mattresses, clothing, batteries, and expanded polystyrene that specialists can collect and recycle.

Council has once again demonstrated to be an industry leader with its commitment to the circular economy, the environment and best practice waste management by being a finalist in this year’s Waste category for the National Local Government Awards.

Bayside Council is updating its WARR Strategy to include and align key strategies, initiatives and targets as detailed in the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy, and to align with updates to the Regional (SSROC) policy and strategy.


Published on: Thu, 25/05/2023 - 15:10