Keeping Our Beach and Foreshore Clean

Council’s Parks & Open Spaces staff constantly monitor Council’s 8km of beachfront along Cook Park making sure litter or illegally dumped waste is collected daily. 

A mechanical beach rake undertakes daily runs along the entire length of the beach Mondays to Fridays during winter and seven days per week during the warmer months. 

Council has also rolled out approximately 40,000 litres combined additional fixed (7,000L) and mobile bin (33,000L) capacity. This includes an additional 60 beach bins on the sand. 

Council has also designed and introduced specialist ash bins for people using charcoal or portable barbecues along the beachfront.

During summer additional Education and Regulation staff conduct foot patrols of the beaches and parks to deter littering, and Council also conducts extra weekend and public holiday afternoon waste collections.

Council Officers take a proactive approach, talking with groups and advising them of the penalties for littering and the whereabouts of the nearest bins.

Customised “Don’t Be a Tosser” bags designed by Council are also handed out to patrons so that they can dispose of their litter correctly.

Council actively encourages all visitors to our beaches to use the available bins or take their waste with them.



Published on: Fri, 13/01/2023 - 11:45