Earth Hour 2023

Earth Hour is an annual event that encourages everyone to turn off non-essential electric lights for one hour as a symbol of commitment to the planet.

The goal of Earth Hour is to raise awareness about climate change and to encourage individuals and communities to take action to reduce their carbon footprint. Since its inception in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global movement with millions of participants across 180 countries.

This year, Earth Hour is on Saturday 25 March at 8:30pm.

Residents are encouraged to sign up to take #TimeOutForNature and join the global community of millions supporting stronger action on climate change and nature loss.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Small changes to your behavior at home will help you use less energy, cutting down your carbon footprint AND your energy bills!

Switch Off
Turn off the lights when natural light is sufficient and when you leave the room. 

Phantom Power
Switch off at the source or unplug devices and appliances that aren’t in use. A variety of different electronic devices and appliances, including televisions, toasters, lamps and more can consume electricity even when they’re turned off. 

Take the stairs
Elevators consume electricity so use the stairs as often as you can – it’s also a great way to get those steps in!

Take shorter showers
In addition to saving one of our most precious resources - water, the less hot water you use, the less energy is needed to heat the water. 

Go further – Plant a tree 
Trees are important, they absorb carbon dioxide and are associated with lower levels of air pollution.

They help to regulate temperature by cooling overheated urban areas, can reduce flood risk by absorbing surface rainwater and can provide important habitats for a wide variety of insects, animals, birds and amphibians.

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Published on: Fri, 17/03/2023 - 11:44